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Friday 1 October 2010

Q and A with Suzi Warren of Twisted Twee

London based Suzi Warren of Twisted Twee creates pieces for kids and grown ups. Everything from baby pants to pillowcases are emblazoned with slogans and famous faces. Want some quirky jewellery to jazz up your outfit ladies? how about a knitted ring. Dad, matching t shirt for you and your son? Grab yourself a twinset. Kids, need to know how to dry those dishes, get yourself an instructional tea towel and away you go.

How did Twisted Twee come about?

A need to admit to myself that my brain hadn't turned to slurry after having a baby. It was my way of documenting the baffling and often life-threatening things my daughter Betty did, and served as a tribute to the befuddlement of child-rearing.

Where did the name come from?

Twisted Twee is as much a mission statement as a name. I've always enjoyed merging the benign with the berserk. If Twisted Twee did day trips they'd  consist of driving army tanks in the morning and a high cream tea in the afternoon.

Did you face any particular challenges starting up as an online shop?

Not ever using the internet was one.  Not knowing anything about business was another. Not having enough time, money, support, knowledge, influence and foresight was a third.

Where do you get ideas for your product ranges?


Are all of your items made in the UK?

The pillowcases, tea towels, and bags are all made and printed in the UK. The t shirts are also printed in the UK using organic ink.

What is your best selling item?

Political Pants - Boris Johnson.

What is your favourite item you sell?

Bad Bunting - pretty yet depressed Festoons of Gloom that are guaranteed to put a dampener on any occasion. My favourite is "DONT FEEL OBLIGED TO STAY".

Who is the typical Twisted Twee customer?

I sincerely hope there isn't one!

Five Go Mad's slogan is 'Quintessentially British'. What does that mean to you?

Garden fetes, tea tents,and boot fairs.

What's up next for Twisted Twee?

Twisted Twee Adult Lucky Bags, - out later this month. And De-motivational Posters -  out for Christmas.


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