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Tuesday 19 April 2011

Our Hero!

Hooo Boy! It's over.

Well, he did it. Despite the unseasonably hot weather (23° apparently), which had thousands of entrants dropping out. Of the 15,000 people who registered to take part in the city's second marathon only 8,000 people started the race!

It was a great experience, he says, and the atmosphere was fantastic. It was heartening to see so many people turn out to cheer the runners on.

Hoping to finish the 26.2 miles in under 4 hours, he had to come to terms with the fact that this was not going to be possible in the heat and managed to finish in a respectable 4:08:31.

He actually finished in 2,560th place out of a field of 8,000. We're so proud of him!

Simon would like to thank all those who supported him, sponsoring him in his bid to raise money for the NSPCC. It's not too late to contribute, btw. If you're feeling generous you can still donate

He would also like to thank Neil and Janet for putting him up the night before the race and for turning out to cheer him on.

He enjoyed the experience so much that he's already signed up for the Brighton Marathon next year!

Thursday 7 April 2011

Go For It!!!

Everybody here at FGM towers is wishing Simon luck this Sunday, when he runs the Brighton Marathon to raise money for the NSPCC. He chose this charity because fellow GoMadder and business partner Clare used to be a counsellor at Childline so it is all very close to FGM's heart. She hopes to run for them next year.

He's been training hard since the beginning of the year, and now the time has come to show his mettle.

He's been heard muttering about the weather being too good, dehydration, sore calf, and aching knee. We think he's getting nervous!!! And he is!! He has even taken to eating Liver to get some extra iron in.

Please pop back to the blog next week for an update on how he did.

If you would like to sponsor him (you can do this even after the event) and do some good for the welfare of children in the UK please go to:

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