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Tuesday 24 April 2012

March Supper Clubs

Well it has been a year since our last supper club... oops sorry! How time flies when you have been having, er not fun...Throw in a divorce, moving house (twice!) and you get the picture. Still things have settled down a bit now, so we have decided to start up the supper clubs again.  YAY!!!

We are no longer hosting them at Jones Dairy, off Columbia Road, having decided instead to run them from our flat in leafy North London.  We are doing smaller numbers now, think more along the lines of cosy suppers for 10. They are far more personal and we enjoy them more than mass catering. 

We had two in March, masochists that we are, and they were brilliant fun. Well, we would say that wouldn't we... We ran them on saturday 24th and 31st March. I reprised my role as chief skivvy and Simon CHEF, as he likes to be known (at all times!!).  We dimmed the lights, put up two trestle tables in my sitting room, and chucked a couple of my kids white sheets on them, as I had forgotten to think of tablecloths..DOH!! Well I had been working at my other job all day and time was short.
It's amazing what you can find at home to style an event when you are on  a very tight budget.  As it was a SPRING Themed supper I thought of yellow and green (well you would wouldn't you), and added some lemons and limes to the table, with a couple of bunches of daffs, lots of tea lights to get the mood, and voila boho chic at it's best!!
The menu was yummy... Well we thought so.
Baked Artichoke and Cheese dip, with home made crusty bread (A signature dish at Freeman's NYC - see our earlier blog)
Velouté of fish
Roasted Scallops with Walnut and Chive Butter
Raviolo of Rabbit with Pancetta wrapped Asparagus

Chocolate Pots de Creme
Honeycomb Ice-Cream with real shards of honeycomb, and home made wafers, curtesy of Ruby and Violet

Simon and I thought up the menu together, Simon chucking in a few mystery surprise dishes as well.  I think all the guests were so stuffed they could barely walk/drive home at the end of the night. Everyone got on well, shifting places throughout the evening, making new friends.

The good thing about having them in your flat is you can leave the washing up till the morning and even have  a couple of  sneaky drinks with the guests without worrying how to get home.. Genius...
Thanks to everyone who came, for being such great guests and for the lavish compliments. It really makes it all worthwhile.

Our next supper club is on Saturday, May 26th and is an EUROTRASH EUROVISION extravaganza, so come scoff, swig and sing the night away with us. Dancing/swaying/tapping your foot is essential. For more info please email

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