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Sunday 27 January 2013

come on Spring

January seems to have gone on and on and on. I didn't really enjoy the snow this year as I managed to slip on the first day going to work and fall flat on my face. Perhaps wearing cowboy boots in the snow wasn't such a good idea but it wasn't snowing when I went to work. It's a horrible feeling knowing you are falling and not being able to do anything about it.

On a more positive note we got some great coverage in the Saturday Telegraph magazine 12.01.2013 of our cute biscuit brooches. They are £18 for a selection of 3 so really won't break the bank.

For my other half's birthday present in December, I paid for eurostar tickets to Paris. I thought going in late January was a good idea as January is usually so grim.  Seats were notably cheaper earlier in the morning so we were up at 4.30am this Saturday and took the first eurostar at 6.20am,  arriving in time to have a lovely breakfast at the They shot Amelie the film there and you get steaming bowls of coffee or hot chocolate with delicious pastries. We both felt inspired by  Merci the wonderful concept store which will shortly be having an online retail store 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais  73003 Paris, France and managed to stop off for a lazy lunch at Bistro Paul Bert off Rue de Charonne in the 11th arrondissement Their steak and chips are delicious and so is their red wine! We were back by 11am this morning, catching the 9.13am train home. It's amazing what you can pack into 30 hours. My only complaint is the Eurostar's seats. They are so hard and uncomfortable, I found it impossible to sleep.

We are gearing up for another supperclub in March so please do email me for more info if you are interested


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