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Tuesday 6 March 2012

Ace Hotel New York

So, a belated Christmas present, a trip in late February to New York (cheaper that way). And wow, were we lucky. Not only was the weather kind, if chilly, but we really made a great decision with our choice of hotel.

The idea was for a 5 night/4 day visit. Time enough to get a flavour of the city, do a bit of shopping, lots of eating, and just general gawping. However after an 8 hour flight, 90 minute wait to get through immigration, and a 40 minute cab ride into town it was looking like we'd need 4 days to get over just getting there. We staggered through the Ace Hotel doors and into their amazing lobby. I suppose it was about 6:00pm local time, but to us felt much, much later. Fortunately checking in was a breeze.

The staff at the Ace were so helpful and friendly, but not in that artificial way that's all to common in NYC. They seemed more like old friends than staff with customers (I bumped into one of them at a corner store and he greeted me like an old buddy). Nothing was too much trouble, nice and smooth, so we were checked in, up to the room, and back down into the bar in less then 10 minutes. That beer tasted sooooo good!

Their lobby is always busy busy busy busy; trendy bearded  creative types on their laptops or just hanging out.  Think Hoxton or London Fields types. They apparently have lots of music nights and other events there too. They also have a fab coffee shop right next door which opens ridiculously early (good for us jet laggers) and does delicious coffee.

Totally exhausted, (we are no spring chickens anymore and not good at dealing with jet-lag!) we needed to eat before running the risk of ending face down in our food. So, we decided to eat at the Breslin, which, handily is right next door. Literally, just through a door next to the bar.

They don't take reservations, but we were lucky we got a table straight away. For a Wednesday night the place was buzzing. Great food, just what we needed. Well a huge cheese burger and chips….Their portion size is mammoth and we both struggled to finish it.

Our room was fantastic. It really made our trip to NYC special. Think utilitarian cool with graffiti (well tasteful graffiti about the hotel) on its walls.

It took us a couple of days not to get up at 3:00am, so by mid afternoon most days, after some serious walking, subway, cab, eating, walking, cab, subway, eating, walking, shopping, etc. we were pretty tired and looked forward to going back and getting a couple of hours rest before hitting the town again in the evening. It was so good to come back to a spacious, quiet, well appointed room. We were upgraded to a medium room (thanks guys), which, by NYC standards, was huge. We loved the shower. I had two a day, just because I loved it so much.

Nice attention to detail, which means a lot. We also liked the extra touches in the room, well we mean the turntable and vinyl for those late night  jamming sessions..Some of the rooms even had guitars.

Early mornings meant "Now what do we do till the diners open?". End result was a first for us both, jogging on the running machines at 5:00am. Actually quite fun at first, but we are  not going to make a habit of it.

We loved our stay. We made a promise that when we go back to NYC we would definitely stay at the Ace again. Thanks to everyone there that made our stay so memorable. Do you know what? We even bought the T Shirt!

We'll be back!


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