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Monday 7 March 2011

What a night

FiveGoMad's second pop up turned out to be another enjoyable night all round, if not a little chilly for those dining al fresco! Wouldn't you just know it the weather turned decidedly icy at the last minute, leaving us scampering around trying to heat our little outside space. Still, everybody looked distinctly stylish eating in their overcoats.

In what is becoming a FiveGoMad tradition we kicked off with an oh so British G&T aperitif, which was accompanied by Parmesan Crisps with Goats Cheese Mousse ("Only two each, now!"). A big shout out to John, who mastered the art of making the parmesan crisp shells in record time. You are truly The Big Cheese!

In what may have been a little misjudged course, given the weather, we kicked off the meal with a FiveGoMad take on Gazpacho, which we served with iced vodka. The general consensus was very positive, albeit delivered through chattering teeth.
Once everyone had warmed up again we served up our lovingly made terrines. Some people are put off by making terrines, but we love them. The thrill of turning them out, after several days improving in the fridge, is always such a mixture of anticipation and nerves, but in reality they always seem to come out well. This one was no exception.
They looked like this on the inside:
So this was our Pork Terrine with apricot and pistachio. For our vegetarian diners we had prepared a Terrine of Celery & Sweet Potato with Mustard, Chive, and Cream Cheese.
We served both with quince chutney, rocket, cornichons and soda bread, finishing off the pork terrine by brushing it with truffle oil. Luxury.

On to the main course. For our meat eaters we cooked Mustard and Herb Encrusted Rack of Lamb, which we forgot to take a picture of in the rush to serve, on parsnip puree, with sugar snap peas, and another FiveGoMad tradition, our super special  baby carrots.

Update: One of our guests has now provided photos. Thanks Graham.
For our vegetarian friends we served, as an alternative to the lamb, an eye catching Galette of Roast Garlic, Roast Pepper and Tomato, which we DID take a picture of prior to finishing in the oven.
And finally, dessert. We plumped for an old fashioned Treacle Tart with crème fraiche and rhubarb compote.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was a real pleasure catering for so many (30) appreciative guests. Thanks to all of them for being so supportive. We love you. You too Seamus!
We would also like to thank Robin Whaite, for providing us with the venue, Jones Dairy Café, John Rook for his invaluable help in the kitchen, Holly and Anna for waiting tables, washing up, and general, all round help, and lastly God, for the weather. Thanks for that!


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