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Wednesday 30 March 2011

Impending Royal Wedding

WIth the Royal Wedding fast approaching we at FGM headquarters thought we would share some of our favourite goodies we are selling. The wedding is a bit like Marmite. Love it, or hate it we have something to cater for all tastes! 
So for all you meanies out there get your mitts on these Team Anarchy t-shirts. They are a bargain at £15, with free delivery!
The scam of the century.
A chance for Liz, Phil and Charlie to sell their cheap market tat.
The nation gets taken up the aisle.
A couple of scroungers.
How much?
Britain needs it's head examining.
Inbred buffoons.
We love you Cromwell, we do...
We love you Cromwell, we do...
Who stole my twiglets?
Show your contempt for the forthcoming nuptials with this ultra disloyal T Shirt! £15.00 by team Anarchy
Hey but we like weddings, especially royal ones....
so if you are an ardent monarchy fan this is for you (see white t-shirt above)
The wedding of the year.
A chance to own this outstanding set of commemorative china.
The nation gets a day off work.
A lovely couple.
How romantic.
Britain needs a right royal knees-up.
Ancestral rights.
Katy, Katy give us a wave...
Katy, Katy give us a wave...
Could somebody pass me the vol-au-vents?
A constitutional monarch is the cornerstone of a civilised democracy.
God save the Queen.
Show your appreciation of the forthcoming nuptials with this ultra loyal T Shirt!

We will also be sipping our cuppa from these lovely cheery award winning mugs from Cole Of London. At £10.95 they are a total bargain. 
Kate Garey has designed a sentimental t-shirt £28 and vanity case £25 especially for the occasion. We will have them in stock in the next couple of days.
For those of you who want to put something up on your wall we have lovely print from talented illustrator Alice Pattullo  £50.00 
Or a patriotic  gem perfect for a kids room from Belle And Boo.  £25.00. 
We salute you Kate and William! x


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