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Monday 18 October 2010

Interview with Snowden Flood

What inspired you to start out?
I was working in New York for a large architecture and interiors firm designing bespoke products for our famous clients.  This meant that I spent lots of time going to tradeshows and meeting manufacturers so I had lots of experience already making products but frustratingly not always the ones I wanted to make!.  I also already had lots of designs.  So when I had a baby in 2003 I had some time on my hands & I developed the iconic landmarks as cushions, that was the start.

Who was your biggest influence on your work?
Well initially a lady called Joan who is a product consultant for Barney's NY.  She saw my cushions when they were still really sketchy designs in 2002 or 2003 and encouraged me to build a range out of them - plates, mugs etc.  She gave me a long-term vision - my whole collections grew from my conversations with her

What are you working on at the moment?
I'm just finishing up the range I've designed for Chatsworth House in Derbyshire and am launching a new range inspired by fun fair signage - quite different in feel from some of my other work.

Do you have a favourite product from your range?
Yes I like the World Rivers cups and saucers.  They are quite subtle and not one of the sets that gets the most attention, but I love the delicacy of them and anyway designing them was fun, fulfilling my own imaginary river journeys!

How would you describe your style?
Quirky British Nostalgia

What makes a house a home for you?
Books - lots of them, colour, things with character that you've picked up over time - that could be anything really

How did you get involved with FiveGoMad?
They wrote to me and I thought it sounded like a great idea

FiveGoMad's slogan is quintessentially British, what does that conjure up for you?
Well I think of Britishness being a bit of a mixture of eccentricity, attention to detail and quality.  Think of someone like Sir Paul Smith.  The essence of looking at something differently, with a twinkle in your eye and then making something beautiful that you'd want to keep forever.  That's my goal for my own products really.

What would be your dream commission?
I often dream about designing a range of products for English Heritage or the National Trust based on their houses.  Also my background is art so I'm very drawn to art galleries and museums - they are places I spend lots of my time.

Which of your contemporary's do you admire?
I very much admire the work of Marian Bantjes, she's writing, making, designing, always having interesting things to show and say.  I also like the playful sometimes experimental style of Pieke Bergmans.

What's next for Snowden Flood? 
I don't feel I've even scratched the surface of what I want to do yet....


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