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Friday 24 September 2010

Q and A with Kate Garey

Designer Kate Garey has a fine art and textiles background. She creates products that appeal to the young and young at heart. Her designs feature vibrant colours, and all have a sense of fun. Kate's pretty dresses are perfect with your favourite leggings for the cold winter months ahead, team with one of her pretty necklaces and cute wristlets and you have the perfect weekend outfit. 

How did Kate Garey start out?
I began creating my brand in October 2007 after starting out with an Ebay shop getting cute products in from all over the world. I really started to think that I wanted to design some little pieces like felt brooches and then suddenly I had a whole handbag & accessories collection. In May 2008 I launched my website.

How do you decide which products to create?
Really it’s down to products that I like to use. I started with some Totes, over sized wallets and cosmetic bags, then gradually added clutch bags, vanity cases, wristlets, handbags and larger casual bags and have now moved onto some clothing (pretty feminine t-shirts and jersey dresses) and Jewellery.

What is your best selling item?
The Cosmetic Bags have always been a great seller for us as they make great gifts you can fill with lots of bits and bobs. Anything with my Tea Cup on it is pretty hot too.

What was your favourite toy as a kid? 
I remember loving Catwoman as a child and made my Barbie a black cat suit out of bin liners! It was the best Barbie ever! I also loved play doh, especially the smell.

What is your personal favourite item you sell? 
At the moment I’m living in the Jersey dresses which are cosy, flattering and go with most of my wardrobe.

Five Go Mad slogan is "Quintessentially British" what does that mean to you?
The first thing that springs to mind is a nice cup of Tea! and Eccentrics, I went on a bus tour around Windsor once and there was a man jogging in nothing but his Union Jack underpants, it's a True Story. Also crumpets, seaside shops that sell stick of rock & fudge, cobbled streets, the countryside and Stephen Fry, and me, I think of myself, I love being British! 

What's up next for Kate Garey?
Watch this space (smiles).


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