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Thursday 21 January 2010

Q and A with Christa Davis

Christa Davis graduated from Newcastle Polytechnic with a degree in Fine art in 1991. Saks 5th Avenue once chose her alongside other British designers as the best in British fashion and she was selected as part of Vogue's class of 2000. Her clothes have graced the rails of many well known department stores across the world.

Five go mad caught up with Christa recently in London.

What made you pursue a career in fashion?
It wasn’t intentional. Returning to London after college i was saddled with debt and too many possessions. I took a stall at Portobello Friday market, started selling vintage and developed my own ideas which designers and stylists picked up.

What inspires you?
Mainly small everyday things. My mother was a major influence too. She was innovative and had an excellent eye with amazing sense of design.

Tell us about your designs
I have several lines for men, women, children and babies. I also have a homeware line, I am better known for my Womenswear line.

What is the theme behind your A/W 09 collection?
Circus burlesque meets Utilitarian.

Where do you source your vintage fabrics?
I am well connected after twenty years of trading. I work mainly with reconditioned cashmere and vintage fabrics.

Do you consider yourself a British designer ?
I'm half Dutch but British born and bred. I'm a Londoner so my style is a mix of many international flavours. The expression and essence evolved from a dynamic post punk London. My productions are made here and I firmly believe in generating work back into our industries, what’s left of them.

What's the future of design in Britain?
We need to straighten up our society and work together towards a better future. At this time investing in future generations is a tall order. We've always had a great creative movement but never harnessed it, it's a political matter. Rediscovering lost loves like craft, home cooking and wellbeing is a good start.

Do you have a favourite British design icon?
The Double Decker bus is a corker, bendy buses lack character, charm and good design.

Do you have a favourite Café?
I haven’t been there yet, I passed by and felt tempted by “Tina, We Salute You.


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